I Love a Mix CD: Songs I Liked in 2012

A new year calls for reflection, and I like doing that best by compiling all the music I’ve loved listening over the past year. They may not be the best songs of 2012, but they’re the songs I loved at least. Feel free to download and enjoy.

Happy New Year!

Click here to download the mix

Track List:
2012mix-web-tracksCZ01/Teen Age Thugs* – Sonny + The Sunsets
02/Only in My Dreams – Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti
03/Feels Like We Only Go Backwards – Tame Impala
04/Better Girl – Best Coast
05/Sixteen Saltines – Jack White
06/Ruin – Cat Power
07/When the Lillies Die – IO Echo
08/Hail Bop – Django Django
09/Clouds Are Lies – The Brian Jonestown Massacre
10/Elegant Design – Pond
11/Origins – Tennis
12/Dreams (Fleetwood Mac cover) – The Kills


I Love a Mix CD: Starin’ Out the Window of the Station Wagon


Mr. Four-Eyed Girlie and I really love station wagons. We’ve been lamenting the fact that you can no longer get one of these wood-paneled beauties anymore and how we really wish we could bring these bad boys back.  So in honor of the station wagon, here’s a compilation of songs that should remind you of what it was like sitting in the backseat, staring out the window.

You’ve got Spotify, don’t you? If not – you’re missing out! So much music to listen to, and it’s all FREE!

I Love a Mix CD: Best of 2011

>>Click to download Carrie’s “Listen Up, 2011!”

It’s that time of year again, and I made my compilation with my favorite songs of 2011. Please excuse the complete lack of any tracks from the new Black Keys album – it’s hard to choose one, and I figured they’d be showing up in all kinds of other top lists anyway. Also, due to extreme negligence, there are no tracks by The Kills either. I concede this is just lame, but somehow the new album was off my radar and I haven’t given myself adequate time with it yet. I’m confident you’ll love these tracks though, and I am very happy to be happy with music in 2011 (as opposed to last year)!

Track list:

01/Marathon – Tennis
02/My Country – Tune-Yards
03/I Stayed Too Late – The Ettes
04/Deadbeat Summer* – Neon Indian
05/Two Against One – Danger Mouse + Daniele Luppi feat. Jack White
06/Solitude is Bliss* – Tame Impala
07/Bumper – Cults
08/Santa Fe – Beirut
09/German Love* – Starfucker
10/Weekend – Class Actress
11/The Suburbs (Arcade Fire cover) – Mr Little Jeans

*Track not released in 2011, but 2011 was when I discovered it … so there you have it.

Party: A Retro Cherry Birthday!

This post is sooo tardy, but it’s a week later and we’re still recovering from our daughter’s 1st birthday party! Of course, it was a lot of fun, but a huge reason it was so special was because of all the loving preparation that went into things from both sides of the family! This post is to honor all of the handmade and homemade special details of our birthday party for the little miss!

#1: Go-ims

Go-ims are traditional decorative “towers” that are usually trimmed with hard candies and/or beans for a Korean 1st Birthday Party (dol). My husband and my mother-in-law lovingly spent days and hours working on these for the party! They used white beans, black beans, kidney beans, red/white/pink chocolate spree, black m&m’s and mentos to decorate all 3 of the go-ims. My husband designed all 3 of them first – he found an awesome tiger template to use in honor of being born during the year of the tiger, and he then he put together a retro-looking one with Ruby’s name and starbursts. Finally, he mapped out a patterned design with all red, pink & white candies to look more pop-ish and modern.

Hard at work!

As you can see, each individual candy and/or bean was glued to the paper towel roll (which was covered with poster board to make it smooth) one at a time. Patience and determination prevailed! I wish we had remembered to take a picture of the back of the tiger go-im: My daughter’s birthdate (11-02-10) was on the back.

This is the only pic we have where you can see part of it – but it looked great!

The go-ims were beautiful, and we’ll always have memories of special bonding time during the time these were made. I love this one of Ruby with her Halmoni (grandma) on the day of her party:

#2: Cherry cookies

Aside from incorporating some of the traditional Korean Dol traditions, I wanted the party to have a “retro cherry” theme. I saw a birthday party online that was a big inspiration, and it had these perfect cookies with cherries on top that I was dying to re-create (with my own spin on them of course). Since my parents are known for their masterful baking skills (they made 150 bride cookies and 150 groom cookies for favors at our wedding!), I asked if they’d help me out. Mom baked 48 sugar cookies and whipped up a batch of her own buttercream fondant, and Dad set out to cut out leaves and cherries to decorate each cookie.

This was at the beginning when he was using royal icing to “glue” the fondant base to the top of each cookie.

Moving on to adding the duo of cherry pieces …

Then, he took the extra leaves that were left over to cut stems for each cherry (he’s meticulous!). It really made them look all that more polished … and they tasted as good as they looked!

I can’t thank my parents enough for this … there’s no way I could’ve pulled off this impressive array of cherry-themed treats without them!!!
Red Velvet cupcakes with a cherry-on-top:

Mini-Cherry Cheesecakes and Chocolate Cake Balls:

The entire spread in all of its glory!

#3 Favor jars filled with Cherry Sours

I had been saving baby food jars for awhile in hopes of using them somehow and decided to use them for favors at the party. Pretty simple, but made with love nonetheless. What can I say, I’m a stickler for a theme …

#4 Ruby’s Retro Tunes Playlist

Since the actual process of burning CDs seems so wasteful these days with folks using MP3 players and all, we decided to ditch the actual CD and just post our compilation for download (You can download the playlist here, if you want). The mix is simply songs that make Ruby smile, with a retro slant (of course!).


I Love a Mix CD: Punk + New Wave from 1978-80

To wrap up 2010, I made my usual music compilation. However, since I was pretty disenchanted and bored with the whiny indie rock that was so popular this year, and after resigning myself to the fact that I couldn’t just burn the entire Arcade Fire and Broken Bells albums in one comp, I went a different direction! (Also – just wondering: What’s with every indie band having some sort of nature/animal themed name? Deerhunter, Deerhoof, Antler Motel, whatever …)

So, please feel free to download the mix. Have anything you’d suggest? Leave a comment here!

Click to download “Forget 2010!”
Old late-70s/early 80s punk and new wave sounded really good to me this year, so this comp was intended to reintroduce and re-familiarize you with some greats from that time. You may have heard them all before, but now you have them all in one place!

Track list:

I love a Mix CD: Songs I Liked in 2009

It just wouldn’t be the end of a year without some sort of a “Best of” list. So this year, I decided to compile all my favorite songs of 2009 into one playlist. In no way am I claiming these all as this year’s best of the best – they are all just my own personal favorites!

Since I like to share, here you have it. 🙂


Download the whole mix

Don’t need (or want) every song? Right-click to download by track:
track 01: Feather, Little Dragon
track 02: Sing Sang Sung, Air
track 03: Love Letter to Japan, The Bird and The Bee
track 04: Microphone, Coconut Records
track 05: No One Does It Like You, Department of Eagles
track 06: New Moon Rising, Wolfmother
track 07: Treat Me Like Your Mother, The Dead Weather
track 08: Dragon Queen, Yeah Yeah Yeahs
track 09: Help I’m Alive, Metric
track 10: Happy Up Here, Röyksopp
track 11: Bourgeois Shangri-La, Miss Li
track 12: Born on a Day the Sun Didn’t Rise, Black Moth Super Rainbow
track 13: Jaykub, (Jason Lytle of Grandaddy) Danger Mouse & Sparklehorse
track 14: While You Wait for the Others, Grizzly Bear
track 15: Silver Trembling Hands, The Flaming Lips
track 16: 40 Day Dream, Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros
track 17: Crimson & Clover, Prince