Baby Shower Favors: Custom CDs + packaging and a Diaper Cake

For another dear friend’s baby shower, I volunteered to make the favors, and the host decided on making a CD. The theme of the baby shower was a Mama Bird/Baby Bird, “nesting” theme, so all of the tracks on the CD had to do with birds in some way. Here’s a few shots of how the favors turned out:

As usual, I also knew I wanted to make a diaper cake. Ever since I found out Jen was pregnant, I knew I wanted to buy her these kitty Mary Janes for the top of her cake! This is how it turned out:

Close-up of the shoes (available in grownup sizes, too!)

Overall, it was a fantastic day. We all even got to make our own onesies at the shower! Our host had the great idea, and she rounded up tons of fabric swatches, felt, stamps, paints, and ribbon for us all to make our own creation.

I stuck with my kitty theme:

I love celebrating a new baby!


Bridal Shower Treats: Mini Lemon Cakes

One of my best friends was getting married, and I was lucky to have co-hosted the shower. In honor of the bride, I decided to make mini-Lemon Cake favors, as Lemon Cake is the bride’s absolute favorite dessert.

To begin, I found these awesome mini-loaf pans from I LOVE this site – so many amazing things, because presentation is just as important to me as the taste!

There were 50 guests, so I needed to make 50 Lemon Cakes …

Then, I made little tags to go with the cakes:

And finally, the finished products!

My only regret? I failed to get a picture of the bride and a lemon cake. 😦

Baby Shower Treats: Cupcakes + Diaper Cakes

Sometimes I don’t know if I offer to throw a shower because I want to have a party, or if I just want to make something. This time, I decided to try my hand at some fancy-schmancy cupcakes. I started googling to find great food packaging ideas, and in my search, I came across these darling cupcakes from Fancy Flours and I knew I had to incorporate that wrapping somehow! As far as embellishments, I found the cutest little cardboard patterned animals from Martha Stewart … they were too awesome to pass up, so I worked them into the motif:

The final touch was getting them wrapped in their individual cupcake boxes … they were favors afterall, so I needed them to be easy for people to take home with them!

Rhinoceroses, elephants, bears, ducks, horses, kitties …

I also decided to make another diaper cake, because I like the fact that it’s a gift that’s sure to be used. This one had 70 diapers in it, and a pair of Black Chucks on top!

Happy Momma with her diaper cake!