PSA: Red Velvet Oreos are here …

… and they’re legit.
rv-oreosI enlisted the help of my #1 cookie tester yesterday to see if Red Velvet Oreos are something I should be looking into for a Four-Eyed Girlie Limited Edition Valentine Boxed Set this year (’cause you know I love making things with Oreos). I mean, they are pretty appealing to me for many reasons (they are red and red velvet flavored, enough said), but I wanted to make sure they didn’t have that chemically, artificial taste similar to strawberry cake mix and blue raspberry icees.

In short — they don’t taste artificial. I dig the crunchy red-velvety tasting cookie, but I think the most convincing part is the cream cheese filling. At least that’s what my cookie tester said. The cream cheese filling is definitely softer than the regular Oreo filling, but don’t worry — they’re definitely still stackable. 🙂


So yeah, pick some up – you just might have the same reaction yourself once you peel back that seal and feast your eyes on that lovely red velvety goodness. The package is smaller than the regular variety (just 20 cookies), so may help to lessen the guilt.

It’s been decided: Limited edition Four-Eyed Girlie Red Velvet Oreo Treats to come. Who’s in?


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