Four-Eyed Girlie wants to know!

So — get ready for the most important question anyone has asked you all day. Are you ready? Here’s the scenario:

Say you were to go to a party, and say there were these gorgeous, meticulously designed favor bags waiting on a table. Now, say inside of one of these gorgeous, meticulously designed favor bags there was one big, perfectly baked, homemade cookie. You know — straight-up bakery style, all soft and chewy. You look at the bag again, and you notice that YOUR NAME happens to be perfectly printed right on the outside of the bag.

So now of course, you immediately pick up that bag. Come on, your name is on it! Now, you look inside … What type of cookie is inside that bag?!?

HELP! I really need to know your answer! Please vote in the poll below:


3 thoughts on “Four-Eyed Girlie wants to know!

  1. It was so hard for me to decide. I LOVE chocolate chip cookies, but I’ve been on the hunt for a great sugar cookie for awhile! I love the sugar cookies that are iced, but that don’t taste processed, like the store bought ones!

  2. I agree with both Michelle and Elisabeth. It’s like asking if you could have one dessert for the rest of your life what would it be.

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