Sweet Treats: Shortbread Cookies for Mother’s Day

These tea bag cookies have been all over the internet lately, and as soon as I saw them on Pinterest, I knew I’d have to make them. The ones I’d seen online were beautiful of course, but I just felt the need to put my own fun + lighthearted “mommy” twist on them. They were more labor intensive than I’d anticipated, but I think they were well worth the trouble!

What made these really special to make was the fact that I made them with my mom. I love to bake treats, but I have a lot to learn from my mom — who fortunately, is always willing to help me (no matter how ambitious the project). The biggest challenge for me as a perfectionist was learning how to roll the dough evenly and get the thickness the same throughout. Big thanks to my mom is due for giving me the essential tips!

I’m a sucker for details, so I tried to make the tags as awesome as possible. I was too last minute to find the clear favor boxes I wanted to package the set of six cookies in, so I ended up packaging them in clear cellophane treat bags with wraphia and a “you’re awesome, momma!” treat bag tag.

I just wanted to pay homage to all of the awesome momma friends I’m fortunate enough to know, and if I could find a way to mass produce these suckers without driving myself crazy, I’d make a batch for every awesome momma I know! It’s going to be fun to see all the different variations on these as they pop up online post-Mother’s Day. This is a really great tutorial on how to make them yourself if you’d like to try!

Happy Baking! (and Happy Mother’s Day!)


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