I Love a Mix CD: Best of 2011

>>Click to download Carrie’s “Listen Up, 2011!”

It’s that time of year again, and I made my compilation with my favorite songs of 2011. Please excuse the complete lack of any tracks from the new Black Keys album – it’s hard to choose one, and I figured they’d be showing up in all kinds of other top lists anyway. Also, due to extreme negligence, there are no tracks by The Kills either. I concede this is just lame, but somehow the new album was off my radar and I haven’t given myself adequate time with it yet. I’m confident you’ll love these tracks though, and I am very happy to be happy with music in 2011 (as opposed to last year)!

Track list:

01/Marathon – Tennis
02/My Country – Tune-Yards
03/I Stayed Too Late – The Ettes
04/Deadbeat Summer* – Neon Indian
05/Two Against One – Danger Mouse + Daniele Luppi feat. Jack White
06/Solitude is Bliss* – Tame Impala
07/Bumper – Cults
08/Santa Fe – Beirut
09/German Love* – Starfucker
10/Weekend – Class Actress
11/The Suburbs (Arcade Fire cover) – Mr Little Jeans

*Track not released in 2011, but 2011 was when I discovered it … so there you have it.


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