Christmas Goodies: Cookies in Kraft Boxes with Baker’s Twine

In the spirit of keeping traditions alive (and having lots of fun getting into the holiday spirit), Mom & I collaborated once again to do a little holiday baking. We decided on sticking with cookies this year. My all-time favorite flavor of the season is Peppermint, so I had to break out Martha’s recipe for Chocolate Peppermint Cookies! Also on the agenda were big and soft bakery-style Sugar cookies with red sugar on top. For good measure, Mom also decided to whip up some Peanut Butter cookies and Pumpkin Spice cookies!

Yes, I enjoy the baking – but I have to admit that part of me does it only to have an excuse to come up with the packaging! This year, I went with craft-brown cupcake boxes, layered the bottom with red/white polka dotted vellum paper, stacked 8 perfectly shaped cookies on top of each other and tied them up with red and white bakers twine. Then, I added round stickers to the outside (alternating between red and white) and made a tag to keep things simple that just said YUM!

Both mom and I agree that Martha’s recipe is a little labor-intensive, but they sure are YUMMY. (They certainly were not as simple as last year’s goodies). The cookies are really soft and super chewy like fudge – and combined with the crushed peppermint candies in the mix, we think they are a perfect companion to your morning cup of coffee!

Thanks for all the help, Mom!


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