Baby Shower Treats: Cupcakes + Diaper Cakes

Sometimes I don’t know if I offer to throw a shower because I want to have a party, or if I just want to make something. This time, I decided to try my hand at some fancy-schmancy cupcakes. I started googling to find great food packaging ideas, and in my search, I came across these darling cupcakes from Fancy Flours and I knew I had to incorporate that wrapping somehow! As far as embellishments, I found the cutest little cardboard patterned animals from Martha Stewart … they were too awesome to pass up, so I worked them into the motif:

The final touch was getting them wrapped in their individual cupcake boxes … they were favors afterall, so I needed them to be easy for people to take home with them!

Rhinoceroses, elephants, bears, ducks, horses, kitties …

I also decided to make another diaper cake, because I like the fact that it’s a gift that’s sure to be used. This one had 70 diapers in it, and a pair of Black Chucks on top!

Happy Momma with her diaper cake!


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